Thursday, May 12, 2011

Getting Back on Track Part 2

I know, I know, I FAILED! It happens. I was supposed to start exercising again at the beginning of the week, but I have just been enjoying having absolutely nothing to do way too much. But, you know it is getting deep when you are so wrapped around your goals, and making changes that it gets you up out of your sleep. I have to be at work at 11, and it is about 6:30 now, so maybe I will get a little bit of sleep after I devise somewhat of a plan.

Eating: I have been very reckless as far as eating goes lately. Drinking sodas, eating fried foods, and pizza. Too much mess, and not enough WATER, veggies, or fruits. I plan on going to the grocery store some time this weekend to stock up on fruit, bottled water, bell peppers & onions, and healthier snacks. I have been doing good as far as keeping my sweets to a minimum. The highest calorie sweet I have bought lately is 150 calorie ice cream sandwiches. I will be focusing on grilled chicken, tuna, stir fry (steak & chicken) and finding healthier recipes. The main thing is to STOP eating out, and save the money for my weight loss shopping spree :-)

Working out: I have the tools that I need...I have the campus rec center, zumba, TURBO FIRE, 30 Day Shred, Bob Harper, and Youtube. At the beginning of my journey I went a little crazy. I got a personal trainer, an extra gym membership, and bought DVDs. All of that was not necessary now that I look back on it. The personal trainer was essential though, and I am glad that I went through that process. She definitely helped me to realize my goals and showed me what I needed to do to achieve them!

My summer schedule is going to be more lax. I am currently registered for 3 classes, but I think I may reduce it to 2. I am not sure yet. I also won't be working as many hours.

Events this summer:
May 26th-30th Family Reunion-PCB - Last year my aunt got up and ran on the beach. I will join her this time. I will also take my Turbo Fire workouts because I'm sure I can squeeze 30 minutes in.
June 6th-I will be having dental surgery. That will probably have me out for about 3 days to a week...:-/
June 18th-Birthday Bash-ATL
July-First week of July, I may be going to Disney World but that hasn't been confirmed yet, but either way I'm sure wherever we stay there will have a gym, and I will bring Turbo Fire.

My school Schedule:
Mondays: Intro to Photography-5:30-9:45
Tuesdays: Math 12:40-2:45 & British & Irish Lit 3:00-5:05
Wednesdays: Intro to Photography 5:30-9:45
Thursdays: Math 12:40-2:45 & British & Irish Lit 3:00-5:05

I will also more than likely have tutoring for math as well, because I FAIL at math, period. Smh. If I drop anything, it will more than likely be the intro to photography class. It is very late in the evening, and I don't like being out at night. We will see.

Planning ahead is going to be key for me. I will probably go as far as to planning my meals. I didn't like the idea of this at first, but I have owned up to the fact that when it comes to food, I have have no self control, and I don't set limits. I will be coming up with a food plan, and workout schedule for the coming week.

I want to get in the gym at least 2x a week. BUT workout 5x week with my rest days being Saturday and Sunday. That means I will probably have to tweak the Turbo Fire schedule a little bit. I am not saying that I won't be active on the weekends, but I'll probably doing something not as tough, like walking at the park,.

Body Media Fit: A few months ago I had the bodybugg and while I liked the concept of it, I just didn't really enjoy the user interface. It was so outdated to me. I blame it on being a designer, and having a need for upbeat colors. I felt like if I was going to be paying about $200 for a device, and a monthly fee to use the program, then it needed to appeal to me. I decided to return it after seeing how much more the body media fit had to offer. They do the same thing, but the interface is more user friendly in my opinion. I did not order it immediately because I fell off track, but I went ahead and ordered it, so hopefully it will be here soon. I really loved logging my food, and seeing what I had to do to create the deficit I needed. I'm excited to have this type of technology again.

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