Friday, May 20, 2011

Old Navy Jeans!!!

I went into Old Navy today to buy some tshirts. A year ago I was not able to fit into Old Navy's 2x shirts comfortably, because I tried one on around this time. Today I walked out with 5! :-) I also had the NERVE to try on pair of size 20 jeans. I told myself if I couldn't button them up, I was not going to get mad! I was just going to take it motivation, and go home and get to it! They slipped on past my thighs :-O and then, I buttoned them up!! I immediately called my mom!!! I have been in a size 22/24 since my senior year of high school. My size 20 clothes were getting waaay too tight, and I just kept packing on pounds, so it was inevatable that I would go up a size. I was too thrilled though, because Old Navy is one of my favorite stores. The jeans fit nice around my legs, but were not so flattering around the stomach area, but the fact that I could get them on is GREAT especially since I measured, and I've actually gained inches in my thighs. It has to be muscle because I do a lot of squats in the workouts I do, I'm excited though!

I've been doing good as far as drinking water, eating, and exercising. I didn't complete the TF 55ez class today because my body was just too tired. I believe in listening to the body, and my arms and legs were like NO! So, I'm going to sleep good tonight, and get up and head to the park in the morning. I got a new pair of headphones, so I should be good to go!! I'm also still in the process of coming up with my workout schedule. I have said that I want to complete the TF schedule, but I don't think I can stick to it. I'm finding that I like to do a variety of things, and I don't like doing the long workouts. I like the 45 minutes or less things, so I think for the next 3 months I may just mix and match and see how that goes mixed with walking. After memorial day, I want to start incorporating jogging into my workouts. More like intervals or walking and jogging. I would eventually like to be able to run, just because its something I've never been able to do for a long period of time.

Its all about a lifestyle change, that is for sure. In order for me to live a healthy life, I'm going to have to be active, so its best to start working toward that. Some people can go through life eating what they want, and not really having to workout, but wearing this body media device has shown me that without exercising I simply don't burn enough calories to create a deficit, and eat what I like. I WILL NOT DEPRIVE MYSELF. I am down for eating grilled chicken, fish, baked food, veggies, and all of that, drinking water, sure, but hot wings are my favorite...what am I supposed to do, get a new fave? NO! I'm going to limit myself to wings once, or twice a month, instead of two or three times a week like I usually do...:-/ well, at least I'm honest!

I feel a change coming!!

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