Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Structured Weightloss

Right now my exercising and strength training are all over the place. I was talking to a friend, and was told that when it comes to strength training, its better to have a structured routine, and follow it for a a month or two before changing it to see results. I am trying to buckle down on a routine, but its hard with so many exercises, and so much information, its all kind of over whelming.

I am going to spend the rest of this week trying exercises, and coming up with a strength training schedule. I will probably start out with my 5lb weights, and move up as time goes on which means I will have to go to the gym or my apartment's gym. So far this week I have been good. I decided to follow the Turbo Fire schedule exactly, because after today I know I need a rest day tomorrow. I walked for 45 minutes, and then did the HIIT 20 Workout. I also did modified pushups, and some ab exercises. I am making pushups a challenge for me. I can barely do ten MODIFIED pushups, so my goal is to keep working at it, and by the end of July be able to do 50! Woot woot! 50 modified now, not the real ones, that'll come later on.

I'm trying to keep my eating under control, but during TOM all I want is CHOCOLATE! ugh! So annoying.

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