Saturday, May 21, 2011

Weighed in Early

Today I decided to visit our campus rec and I got the idea to weigh myself. I don't own a scale, and I REALLY don't want to buy one. I was nervous about getting on the scale, because I JUST started back exercising. I just KNEW that I had gained back ALL of the weight I lost. Thats the mind game the scale plays one you. To my pleasure, I weighed in at 289!!!! WHAT! I was in SHOCK! I said that I wanted to be 280 in July, and I'm thinking that I will meet 280 by the end of August, so I'm extending my goal, to challenge myself further. I want to reach 265 by August! That is 24 pounds, and I know I can do it!!!

This lifestyle change is bringing a lot of positivity into my life, and I am so excited. I look forward to eating good things, I don't buy junk food anymore. I was looking at the calories on things I used to buy today. I used to buy the Marie Callender chicken alfredo meals. They were 650 calories, and I used to eat 2 of those bad boys together!!! Counting calories really has helped, because NOW, I just don't feel comfortable taking in a lot of calories in one item.

I have mentioned that I have been using the body media device to count my calories. Its so important, because it is 90% accurate, and can tell me how many calories I am burning through out the day. I am seeing now that I burn about 600 calories or more during a 30 minute plus workout. My body is still getting used to this level of activity, so I'm sure as I lose more weight, and get into better shape it will be more of a challenge. Using online calculators, and the calorie estimates on the machines do not compare to using the body media.

Writing down what I eat has helped a lot. I have several journals, and I write what I eat on something, whether its a scrap sheet of paper, or my phone. I do have a solid food journal that I keep in my purse now, as well as the biggest loser calorie counting book. I have also been drinking more water, and eating fruit. The only thing that I am drinking besides water is simply lemonade, and I am limiting that to one bottle a week. I used to go through one of those, plus the raspberry simply lemonade, plus some sprites, some sunkists, some cokes...yea, it was bad. But anyways, my goal is to lose weight in the most realistic way. In reality I will NOT go through the rest of my life only drinking water. Simply Lemonade is my FAVORITE so I chose that as my must have drink of the week.

There is a lot to this whole weight loss thing. It kind of consumes a person, but that can be a good thing.

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