Sunday, May 22, 2011

Workout Schedule 5/22-5/28

I have gone back and forth with myself about this, and I have concluded that as much as I enjoy Turbo Fire, I want to work on ENDURANCE. I want to be able to run, so that is what I am working toward.

Sunday: Walk around indoor track for 45 minutes (attempt to incorporate jogging)
Treadmill: High incline at least 2.5 speed 10-15 minutes
ETA: Today I ate farely good. I had special K almond vanilla cereal for breakfast, 2 chicken grilled chicken tenders, a little bit of brocoli, cheese, and rice and the remainder of some mexican nachos (chicken and beef without the tortilla chips, about 1/4 of the meal) and about 2 scoops of orange sherbert, snackwells 100 cal cookies, I did decide to fry 6 hotwings in EVOO, and fries. It was good, I'll be good through out the week. lol. I also had a glass of simply lemonade with dinner, and a skinny cow truffle bar for dessert.

I walked around the park twice which is about 3/4 of a mile. The time it takes me to walk around there has been shortened. Tomorrow I will go out before it gets too hot, and I hope to squeeze in 3 laps. I also did 3 miles on the tread mill, and did pushups, lunges, squats, and hip thrusts when I came back up. I had to do all of this before I could play the sims. lol.

*I was planning on doing the indoor track today (I should have since it was 90 degrees) but I didn't want to drive! lol. I refused to bail on my workout, so to the park I went! Having a schedule keeps me in perspective.

Monday: Walk around park 45 minutes (attempt to incorporate jogging)
Strength: Upper Body + Glute workouts (kettlebell workouts, TF abs 10)

ETA: -_- TODAY! lol. Kidding, I'm actually in a pretty good mood! I have eaten special k vanilla almond for breakfast, special k protein shake and a cereal bar after my workout, and string cheese for a snack. I'm having steak and chicken stir-fry with bell pepper, onion, and mushroom for dinner. I'll probably eat some sweets too (skinny cow, sherbert)

As far as working out goes, I did my upper body strength training (I'll do a separate post later today) 25 minutes walking around the indoor track, and 20 minutes on the elliptical. I decided to get a more intense cardio workout in, so I took my walking down 20 minutes. I was also concerned about the parking meter running out :-/ I did my glute, and TF abs 10 before leaving the house. I ended up doing supermans and pushups when I came back from work because I forgot to do them before. I shall be more organized!!

Tuesday: Walk around indoor track for 45 minutes
Treadmill: High incline at least 2.5 speed 10-15 minutes

ETA: Today my eating was so so...I ended up eating a bowl of cereal that I didn't really plan to, but I stayed later at work than I was scheduled, and was hungry!! It wasn't quite dinner time yet, so I ate it before beginning my workouts. For dinner I made steak stir fry! It was good and spicy!! I've been mainly proportioning everything so that my biggest meal of the day is dinner. I have been against food scales since beginning my journey, but a recent thread on LHCF has me thinking that it may be worth a try. That will mean I am completely involved!

Working out today was somewhat of a mess. I did not feel well, and I did not want to be around anyone really. I started doing Turbo Fire, but my arms were screaming since I worked them yesterday. I tried doing a beginner Pilates vid on youtube, and I really liked it, but some of the moves were SUPER hard. I can tell it is something that I will be working on though. I did some kettle bell swings. Again, my arms were like NO! So, I decided to go down to my apartments gym. It was packed! Its never packed! Ugh!! So, I ended up walking a mile including the walk to the park, and back plus the walking path. I have been really feeling like it is necessary for me to workout for my day to feel right! Tomorrow I am getting up earlier than usual, and I'm going to the rec. I have lower body tomorrow, so I'll probably walk the indoor track and do the elliptical again.

I know I am not following my schedule to a T, but its really helping me with accountability. I know that I have something scheduled, so I need to either do it, or do something to take its place!

: Walk around park 45 minutes
Strength: Lower body + Glute Workouts (kettlebell workouts, TF Lower body 20)

ETA: I was doing good with my eating today, until I got a super strong craving for some wings! Gah-lee!!! I ate those, plus cajun ranch fries, which I am sure was a gazillion calories. I shouldn't have knowing that I have family reunion this weekend. Shame on me. I was good the rest of the day though. During TOM, its just hard to fight the urge!

I did lower body strength training today. I ended up working out at my campus rec, which I was nervous about, but it was ok. Once I turned on my ipod, and focused, I didn't care who was around me. I actually really like lifting weights, and I'm already seeing and feeling a difference from it. No one else can probably see it, but I can, and thats all that matters. lol. I will start my 12 week program officially next Monday (if I'm not back in time, I will start my cardio Monday, and start with my Lowerbody strength training Wednesday) I am mostly following the 12 week fat loss program, but decided to change some of the exercises out according to what I have available to me, and what I can actually do.

I also walked around the indoor track, did the elliptical, and the treadmill. I was feeling kind of antsy today, so it was hard to stay with one thing. I'll be doing cardio tomorrow, well, in a few hours actually. lol. Also, after my lowerbody workout, I was not even going to attempt the TF exercise. I'm really thinking about just using the ab workouts for now, because so far its been good, DIFFICULT, but thats GOOD!

Thursday: Walk around park 45 minutes
Treadmill: High incline at least 2.5 speed 10-15 minutes

Friday: Walk 45 minutes
Strength: Full Body + TF Core 20

I know I'm going to have to get up EARLY Friday to get my workout in before I leave to meet my family for our PCB trip! That trip is usually about family fun, and EATING! I'm going to attempt to get some nice walking on the beach in, and I'm going to eat 3x a day while there, and keep my eating in check while enjoying it. I MUST follow this plan in order to not feel bad this memorial day weekend! Because I know I'm going to eat! lol. I'm not about deprivation at ALL!

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