Friday, May 13, 2011

Workout Schedule

I stuck to my word, and created a workout schedule for the coming week. In order for me to reach my goals, my weight loss is going to have to be organized. I know some people can just eat right and exercise, but I have realized that I am going to have to approach this like I approach my everyday life. I am a planner. I plan out just about everything before I do it, I make lists, I write out my thoughts, and a lot of other stuff that some people may find quirky. I can’t help it, that’s just me. So, I will be implementing a schedule, and the hardest part will be consistency and sticking to it.

TF= Turbo Fire

Workout Schedule (Monday May16th-Sunday May 21st)

Monday: (TF) Fire 45 + Stretch 10

Tuesday: Youtube Workouts + (TF) HIIT 20 + Stretch 10

Wednesday: Early morning gym (treadmill, strength training) (TF) HIIT 15 + Sculpt 30

Thursday: Youtube Workouts + (TF) Fire 55 EZ Class

Friday: Early morning gym (treadmill, strength training) (TF) Core 20 + Stretch 40

Saturday: Early morning visit to the park/Walking

Sunday: Early morning visit to the park/walking

Youtube Workouts will mostly consist of lower body workouts.

I moved the Turbo Fire schedule around because since I’ll be taking classes this summer, it is very important for me to have Saturday and Sunday as leisure time. They will be my “rest” days, but I would still like to keep active. There is a great park 0.6 miles from my apartment, and I plan on taking advantage of it. In order to live a healthy life, it is important to BE ACTIVE. I walk around campus daily, but walking more would not hurt one bit. It is all about a lifestyle change.

I know that some days I have 2 workouts planned. I am not starting out super slow because I’ve been working out. I enjoy working out, I just get caught up on school work, my job, and um…sleeping. Lol. If I feel like this week is just entirely too much, I will slow it down next week, no biggie. I am making weight loss a top priority again. I hate that I wasted the months of March & April, but I can make a turnaround now!

Today I was forced to try something I’ve never done before. Walking to work. I have a flat tire on my car, so it was either walk, or call in, and I love my money, so I decided to walk. My job is 0.8 miles from my job, so it isn’t as far as it seems. It takes about 3 minutes driving to get there, and it took about 20 minutes walking, because I’m out of shape and walk pretty slow. It wasn’t THAT bad though. My tire is still flat, so I will be doing it again tomorrow. It’s supposed to be storming tomorrow, so hopefully I can make it during the times where the weather isn’t crazy.

I am considering making this an everyday thing. That’s almost 2 miles a day. I will need to invest in a good hat, sunblock, light t shirts, and light sweats. It will definitely save on gas. I also like that I had time to my thoughts as well. That is definitely a reason I enjoy walking.

Making this commitment to improve myself is important to me. Lately I have been stuck on a lot of negativity in my life, and focusing on me is VERY important to me right now. It all starts with ME.

ETA: My body media fit should be here tomorrow! :-) I ended up ordering two because I have no patience, and I thought the ebay sellers was going to jip me. So, I will either return it or put it up for sale. Smh. I need to get a grip on my patience because that is a big part of weightloss.

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