Sunday, May 15, 2011

Youtube Workouts

I love Youtube as a source for good workouts! Its like having access to a bunch of personal trainers. I'm always on the look out for videos, but here are a few that I will be following for the next few weeks. As far as weights go, I'm good with 5lb weights for now. I will probably move up in a few weeks to 10, and so on. I will not be buying anymore weights because my apartment complex has a huge rack down stairs, and my campus's rec has free weights as well.

I recently came across Blogiliates and she has some excellent workouts as well! I'm definitely not flexible enough to do some of the positions, but it is defintely something I am working toward. She uses excellent music in her videos as well!

There is such a variety on youtube, and several degrees of difficulty. A lot of people do power workouts, which I hope to be aTurbo Fire, and cardio such as walking and treadmill. I will be doing some of these youtube workouts in the rec center, and they will be taking the place of having a personal trainer. My basic strength training routine is outlined in the videos. I don't really care for using the machines. I really like free weights, and resistance bands.

AND I am of course modifying things that I can't quite do yet, and working on getting there! My goal is to be at 265 by the end of August! I am READY!


  1. Good luck! The 8 minute series is my personal favorite:

  2. Thanks for the link!! Looks effective!!