Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Hair Tag!!

I was admiring My Healthy Hair Journey and saw that she posted a tag! I love tags, so I had to join! Please feel free to join in as well!!

1. Why did you start taking better care of your hair? I couldn't afford to keep going to the salon every 2 weeks, and I realized that I was way to dependent on the salon. I figured that there was absolutely no reason why I couldn't do my hair myself and get the same results, or better.

2. What are your 2 favorite products? They fluctuate, but right now they are Design Essentials Silk Essentials, and Karen's Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia. The Design Essential's is something I have continued to purchase since 2008.

3. Who's hair did you admire as a child? Beyonce's! I wanted her hair soooo bad! Back then I just wanted my hair to be straight, so that it moved like hers did in the videos. lol.

4. What is your ultimate goal length? Waist length. I'm kind of already there....It fluctuates because my hair curls up at the roots after a few days after straightening it. But, I'm fine with the length now.

5. How are you going to celebrate when you reach it? I will just continue to take good care of it, and enjoy it. I usually straighten my hair whenever I want to anyways.

6. Two styles you want to try at your goal length? I don't really have any particular styles I want to try with my hair, but I would like to do a short sew in just to see how it would like.

7. Which do you prefer: Health or length? Health.

8. Which do you prefer: Hair ties with no metal parts, or butterfly clips? Hair ties with no metal!

9. What products do you prefer: salon brands, organic brands, BSS brands or drugstore brands?
A mixture of all.

10. Which product/technique do you think is over-rated? Co-Washing. Great technique, but you shouldn't do it VERY often.

11. Which product/technique do you think is under-rated? Trimming. A lot of people hate trimming their hair, but I think it is so important!

12. What is your favorite part of your hair regimen? Flat ironing!

13. What is the most annoying part of your hair regimen? Rinses. I HATE putting them in, but I love the results.

14. Oils or butters? Oils

15. Bun or ponytail? Ponytail

16. Wig or weave (or neither)? Neither

17. What is your opinion on growth aids? I don't really trust them.

18. What length do you consider long? Bra Strap Length.

19. When is the last time you've been to a salon? The day before my 20th birthday. Before then I hadn't gone for at least a year. I'll be 22 October 23rd.

20. What do you like to surf the most: youtube channels, personal blogs or hair forums? Hair forums, and youtube.

21. And finally, what piece of advice would you give to someone just starting out their hair journey? DON'T spend a ton of money on products!!! You seriously only need a good shampoo, co-washing conditioner, deep conditioner, leave in, and heat protectant if you are heat styling. I know that I get moments where I just want to try something new, but try to keep it to a minimum.

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